What exactly is arbitration?

Many of you have no doubt heard of arbitration, but never really gave it much consideration, thinking it was only for lawyers and judges to understand.

We are here to tell you that arbitration is known as an alternative administrative remedy.  Therefore, on this section of our site we are going to give a brief overview of exactly what arbitration is and the aspects of its administrative ability to bring relief to parties without going into court.

"I have been told for years never go into court, now I understand why!"

One of our clients had made this comment, after completing done research on various subjects.  The person could not understand why they were advised never to go into court, that they should never go to court attempting to obtain redress, that there is little chance that redress may be had.

Although we cannot fully agree with the above statement, we can say that arbitration is an alternative remedy and it is available to everyone who chooses and/or wishes to avail themselves of this widely used provision.


The corporations use it...

Corporations utilize arbitration quite frequently in our society. Arbitration is a means for corporations to save money, time, expense as well as the hassle of a prolonged court case.


My employer had an arbitration clause in my employment contract...

Many companies have included in their employment contract and procedural policies and arbitration clause. This is to protect the corporation and to save the corporation quite a bit of monies in lieu of going to court.


My telephone contract with my cellular company requires that I go to arbitration instead of going to the court to sue.

Many credit card companies, cellular companies, and other utility companies Usually place an arbitration clause in their policies requiring their clients to seek arbitration in lieu of going to court.

As noted above, even attorneys and corporations try to avoid going to court. Here's a short video explaining the basics of arbitration... the videos will be available in April 2019

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Recent News

There is a lot of effort to keep from public view the fact that the United Nations is an arbitration tribunal. When the League of Nations was established 1916-1919 it was designed to help nations resolve their differences without resorting to violence and warfare. The United Nations was established under the same principle and the administrative courts in the United States follow the exact same principle.

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